Urban Utopia

University Environment Project (2010)


For this project I was asked to create my first environment using the Unreal 3 Engine. This involved researching and gathering reference material from a specific site in North Manchester called Ancoats. The project's concept was loosely lead by the open-ended title of "Utopia".


As this was a solo University project, all work done on the project was my own. This project involved multiple trips to collect textures and reference material from the site. Our task was then to concept the environments transformation, create a level design map and finally build, unwrap and texture all of the models. The models were then imported into the game engine, assembled into prefabs and positioned according to plans. Post-render effects and particle systems along with level triggers events, such as flying fireflies and mysterious opening passageways, were then added to the level in order to encourage the player to fully explore the environment.