Indie Developed Video Game (2012)


Octopede is a 2D Action Arcade game, developed by Orbital Games and released via Desura (Windows PC) and Xbox Live Indie Games (Xbox 360) in 2012. In Octopede, you play as a lone computer program in the desperate search for more megabytes. With more ‘data’ eaten, the system becomes increasingly more aware of your presence, sending out enemies and obstacles to try and eradicate you. Equipped with a large array of weaponry the 'worm’ must blast its way through hordes of deadly viruses, bugs and glitches to collect the data rich discs.


As the team for this project was comprised of only three members, a programmer, a musician and myself, I was in charge of all graphic related work. In addition to developing the art, I was also required to create and manage the company's website, create promotional material, oversee community testing, build our social media and even coordinate releases with press and distributors.

A few months after the initial release I also negotiated to have the game translated into Japanese and distributed via Playism.